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About us


Textile Mirror Is a true reflection of textile industry more than 17 years of rich and learned experience of textile industry. Our main aim is to provide latest trend and innovative information with marketing intelligence to its Readers in New Flavour. We feel privileged to share that Textile Mirror is one of the fastest growing Hindi-English Fortnightly Newspapers with a strong reach & circulation in major textile hubs of India and South East Asia.

With a Leading circulation of more than 3 lacs readers in India & abroad. Textile Mirror is committed to provide you latest textile industry information & market intelligence through its strong and dedicated team network in India and Abroad.


To be leading textile Media group in South East Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka etc.) with a spirit of excellence and a passion to build brands, win markets and establish business that ultimately enhance customer’s prosperity through our market intelligence & media power.


Our Mission is to provide latest update of textile industries, from every walk & stage, every event, with a excellent quality Printing, that make you look and feel better.

What does ‘TEXTILE MIRROR’ for you?

  • Help Your Business Faster
  • Brand Popularity in all over India
  • Help Optimize your Business Stability and reliability
  • Reach at New Markets
  • Create New Indentify in all over India